Saturday, October 31, 2009

It feels Like Christmas

With all these goodies arriving in the mail!!!
I got another amazing swap package today. This one came from Mindy in Ontario Canada.

The package includes:
  • 3 skeins of yarn (red is wool, green is a soft mohair blend and the brown is cotton)
  • 4 beaded necklaces
  • Crochet Magazine
  • A hand made ceramic mug (I took a semester of ceramics last year so I can definitely appreciate the beauty and time that was put into this mug. Mine NEVER looked this nice!)
  • Tons of delicious tea - can't wait to have a cup
  • Handmade dog treats - Izzie will love them! They smell good enough for me to eat =P
  • A new squeaky toy for Izzie!
  • Tube of Chapstick
  • A maple leaf brooch pin
  • Soft maple fudge - sooo yummy!
  • Maple candies and lollipops
  • And 2 of my favorite chocolate bars - Crunchie!
I love these Ravelry swaps!! They're so much fun!

Izzie is at the groomers right now and will be so excited to have a new toy and yummy treats! Not as excited as I am though to have gotten such an amazing package =D Thank you Mindy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I Am Officially Spoiled! + Witchy Cupcakes

Look at this amazing hat-swap package I got in the mail today!!!

So festively packaged!
Jeannie definitely spoiled me with fun goodies!
Love the cabled slouch hat!

Last night I made these fun Witch cupcakes to bring into work today. They should have been made with chocolate cones, but I couldn't find them at the grocery store. They look a bit like crows, and my co workers joked that they had dunce caps on... but I liked them! And they were tasty so that's all that matters, right?? =D

Happy Halloween!!

Thank you Oprah + Givewayay!

Thank you Oprah for encouraging my love for shoes! She had a 24 hour coupon for 50% your entire purchase at Payless. If you didn't see it already, it's probably too late. It's only good until closing tonight. Here's what I got:
(the ones in the center are dark purple, the coloring is off in the photo.)

3 sexy pairs of boots for the grand total of $60!! ummm YES please!

ALSO... Hop over to Kelly's blog at Keeping up with Kelly. She's offered to host a giveaway for one of my bow headbands! You must be a follower to win, and trust me - her blog is worth following. Go here and enter. You know you want to! =P

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you out there?

Glo, Gloria?!? Where are you? You've won my giveaway, but I haven't heard from you yet. Hope everything is okay. Maybe your just on vaca, or afk? I'm going to give her until Monday, but if I don't hear from her then Nicole will have first pick and I'll draw another name for the second item.

Yesterday was a really rough day for me. I basically had a complete meltdown while at work. Ya. Not fun. I decided to call the nursing schools that I had applied to, to check my application status. I had applied to both in the spring of 2008 and they both gave me an estimate of about 2 years wait. It's coming close to that, so I just wanted to find out if they had a better idea of when I'd be accepted.

The first school, Moorpark, has a slightly better rated program and I'm more familiar with their campus since I got my AA from there. They told be that, based on my lottery number, I would most likely be an alternate for Fall 2010! That doesn't even guarantee that I'll be in the program, I only will if someone were to drop out before the program starts. I was expecting to start this January.

I was feeling disappointed, but hoped that Pierce had some better news. Not the case. It turns out they sent me an acceptance letter in MARCH 2009. I told them I never received one, nor did I get a call. They continued to tell me that the letter was returned to them, and it's not their policy to call the student. It's the student's responsibility to change their address with the school. Here's the thing, I DID! I called them in JANUARY to give them my new address, but of course I have no way to prove it. I asked them about putting me in the spring semester, and they said the students have already been chosen, there is nothing they can do. "The only thing I can do that is fair to you and the other students is to put you back in the lottery for the Fall semester." she said, "If you thought something was off, why didn't you call us sooner?" Well, because I didn't think anything was off! I changed my address with them and as far as I was concerned, I was just waiting! ugh.... so frustrating!

So yesterday was not a good day. Today I'm still discouraged, but I'm exploring other options. There are some other, private universities within an hour drive with BSN, bachelor programs for nursing. I just emailed one, lets see how that goes. They say things happen for a reason, it better be a good one! lol =P

Monday, October 26, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

I am so excited to have 37 entries into my giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered and made this such a fun experience. I hope to have more giveaways in the future so, keep reading!

Thanks to, the winning number is 9.....
"Glo said...

Entry #4 I have linked your Giveaway to my blog here it is"

You know, I'm in a good mood this morning and am feeling generous. Lets have 2 winners!

The second random number is 15...

"Nicole said...

And I just became a follower! Congrats on you 100th post!"

Gloria & Nicole, please email me ( your address.
Gloria, you will have first choice on either the hat or necklace so please include which one you'd like.

Thank you all for participating & have a great week!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Lucky Week

I think I should cash in on this luck and buy myself a lotto ticket. Why is this my lucky week? I'll tell you...

I won 3 giveaways this week & aced my Pharmacology midterm!

#1 was the pair of YMI jeans I blogged about here from Holly at Her Southern Heart.
now if only my butt would look that good in them ;-)

#2 An adorable Monogramed Wine Glass from Sassy Glasses given away by Kelly at Keeping up with Kelly!
They are such cute wine glasses - great for gifts! If I had known about it when I got married, it would've been the gift I gave to all my bridesmaids. It was really hard to chose one, but because of my love for all things pink, I went this one:
I can't wait to host another wine tasting party and use this glass!

#3 A complete makeover for my etsy store from Frenchie and Flea! This includes:
- Creative Evaluation & Consultation for your custom design - worth $25.00
- Custom Designed Shop Header - worth $50.00
- Custom Designed Favicon - worth $20.00
- Photo styling for 3 products (feature images). You will receive 3-5 low resolution images for web only of each of your 3 products - worth $65.00
- Custom Designed Logo High-Resolution Jpeg (and all rights) PLUS Print-Ready Business Card File - worth $300
+ FREE Promotion of your ReVamped Store or Blog + Featuring of your store products after F&F Styling on F&F's Blog and/or Etsy Shop.

I sent them over a couple Flower Center Slouch Hats, Bow Headbands and one of my Boho Necklaces (like the one in the giveaway). I can't wait to see what they come up with for my store!!

#4 The dreaded Pharmacology midterm = 96%!! I was ready to drop the class. The reason why I did so well is that she allowed us to use a "cheat sheet" on her test. Must be on a full sheet of paper (8x10) handwritten and on one side only. Lets just say, my eyes were crossed by the end of the exam. I have never written that tiny before in my life! The cheat sheet is allowed only for the midterms though. For the quizzes in between we can't use a sheet, so I was not doing well on those quizzes. The names of drugs are so long, its like learning a foreign language! One without any trends or grammar. I am so glad I did well, I guess I'll stick it out until the end. Now I know how much I need to study for those quizzes which cumulatively add up to 10% of the grade.

REMINDER: We're coming up to the last few days before I pick a winner for my giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, do so here. Good luck to all who have entered, I will be picking a winner on Monday!

My Friday Find

Are you familiar with those adorable Lolita hand painted wine glasses that they sell at Macys? They're super cute, I got one for my birthday last year. Anyways, I want to get one for a friend's bridal shower, but they only have one bridal style, and I didn't care for it much. So, I googled it and browsed Etsy. This is what I found!

Aressa is the name of the Etsy store. Her work is absolutely beautiful and at a fraction of the cost compared to the Lolita glasses. I already put in an order for the personalized bridal glasses and I will definitely be doing some more Xmas shopping there! Here are some of my favorites (photos from her shop):

Super cute aren't they?!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Typing with sore arms

To continue with my attempts at eating, feeling and being healthier, I've been cooking up lean, but fulfilling dinners. Last night we had a breast of skinless chicken with a yummy cranberry sauce, green beans with almond butter & almond slices, and a couple rolls (I only ate 1) :
Tonight's dinner will be a cod fillet with lemon and steamed broccoli. Possibly brown rice too. (Let's not mention the fact that we had McDonalds deluxe breakfasts this morning). I have also been working out more, which feels so good! On Monday I was still sore from working out with my mother-in-law and her personal trainer on Friday, but kept on going. I even got my husband to join in the fun, I have never known him to "workout". Monday morning's workout was in addition to my normal Monday night ballet class. I am still sore. Let's just say, the trainer kicked our butts! He worked our arms and upper body hardcore, I could barely use a hole-puncher the next day at work. Yesterday I was able to relax and re-coop. Tonight I have ballet and tomorrow morning at 7am, which is unheard of for me - I will be working out with the trainer again. Wish me luck!

Here's my most recent finished project. Same hat, different color. Love this pattern!
Now, I am attempting those socks! I made no progress at all last night, just casting on. I've been struggling to figure out how to get started, but I think I now know what I did wrong. I will try again tonight!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Day Sunday

I love Sundays. My husband and I lounge around the house, catch up on our shows, he plays video games, and I crochet/knit. Sundays are a day for me to catch up on housework and homework, and to rarely change out of my pajamas. Unless we have errands to run of course.

Today I finished up 3 of my "works in progress"!

#1 Was the knitted Red Ribbed Convertible Cowl/Headband

#2 Was a Chunky Burgundy Cowl for my Etsy Shop

#3 Lacy White Fingerless Mitts for me! They are so so so soft!

This evening I made a batch of Acorn Squash & Sweet Potato soup with a Walnut Pesto sauce (that you put a dollop of on top of the soup). I was really disappointed in how it turned out so, no picture. At least the other thing I made turned out yummy! They were little biscuits with cheese, Rosemary and Thyme. I have the day off tomorrow, so to be a cute little wifey, I packed my husband a lunch for tomorrow! Hope he likes it =D

My day just got a little brighter because I just found out that I won a new pair of YMI jeans! Thank you Holly! She often has really great giveaways on her blog.

Happy Sunday!

Tapas Night

Last Friday we had a Tapas night with some friends of ours. We each prepared a dish, here's a glimpse at what we had.


Southwestern Chicken & Bean Salad

Mini Pizzas

A Steak Dish (I can't remember what it's called)

And Stuffed Tomatoes

For Dessert we had mini cheesecakes

And Berry Cobbler

We also enjoyed some spiced hot apple cider spiked with rum =D

Today, like most of our Sundays, will be spent in our pajamas. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! cheers!

Friday, October 16, 2009

K2 P2

This week I finished a knit cowl. Originally I wanted to list it on my store because it matches the charcoal beret, but I really like it! I haven't decided if I should keep it, or list it and make another for myself later (even though later never comes!). I snagged a quick picture of it on my phone to share with you. I only kept it on long enough to grab the shot since it is SO hot here today!! This weekend will reach up to 100... I thought this was Fall?

Izzie has a new bow!

And here's a glimpse of what's currently on my needles. It will be a cowl that can also be worn as a warm winter headband. (color is a bit distorted, it's actually a rich burgundy)

I have another 3 day weekend ahead of me and for that, I am very thankful! So much to do, so little time! Here is my current crochet/knit to-do list:
  1. Knit cabled beret, oatmeal for Carrie
  2. Finish red cowl/headband for shop
  3. Grey fingerless mitts for Nicole
  4. Pumpkin hat for Crystal's baby
  5. Halloween headband for a swap (by Oct 31)
  6. Cabled hat for a swap (by Nov 6)
  7. Orange fingerless mitts for a swap (by end of Nov)
  8. Autumn/Fall hat for a swap (by Nov 6)
  9. Slippers for a swap (by Nov 30)
phew! And that doesn't include Xmas presents! I'm thinking I should slow down on the swaps for a while. It's so hard for me to say no, they're so fun! I got a hat from Germany last month and will be getting one from Portugal this month! Also, my husband has requested that I knit him a pair of socks for xmas. I've never done that before, any tips before I get started?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

100th Post GIVEAWAY!!

As a "thank you" to all my followers, I am having a giveaway for my 100th post! This seemed to come up so fast!

If you win, you can pick one of the following items, crocheted by me:

1) Boho Wooden Pendant Necklace, Tan Cotton


2) Blue Jean Baby Slouch Beret, Blue Wool & Acrylic Blend

Please note: The color hat that is being given away is shown in the first hat picture, dark blue. For some reason I didn't take a back photo for the blue hat. The second picture is the same style hat, but in a different color. Can be worn on top of your hair, or tuck it all up inside! (no more bad hair days!)

Remember, the holidays are right around the corner! Either item would make a great gift! Open to any and all to enter. Will mail internationally.

How to enter:
Mandatory entry:
1) Visit my etsy store and post a comment telling me what your favorite item is. (one entry)

Bonus entries:
2) Become a blog follower & post a separate comment. If you are already follower, post an additional comment telling me so. (one entry)
3) Tweet it, Blog it, and/or post about it on Facebook. Once you have, comment again with a link back to your post. (3 entries, 1 for each)

Each comment will count as an entry, limit 5 per person. The winner will be chosen randomly in 2 weeks, Monday 10/26/09! Winner will be announced on my blog. Make sure you leave your email or link to your blog so I have a way to contact you if you win.

Spread the word!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yummy Goodies

You all know me & my hat obsession way too well! The knitted item in my last post is in fact a hat! I finished it today and it will be on its' way to France to be worn by my husband's cousin who is studying abroad there. I still have to block it, but I'm really pleased with the finished product!

While I had the camera out, I finally took pictures of the Bella Swan Twilight hat I finished last weekend. This one is now listed in my store.

Amongst all these fiber crafts, I squeezed in a little baking tonight too! These mini pies were so simple to make and was absolutely delicious to eat! I just followed a normal pie recipe, but instead of making it into a large tin, I used small individual sized ramekins/corningware. The small one was our sample for tonight, the other two will be for a dinner party tomorrow.

PS. This is my 99th post which means my next one will have a giveaway!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look What I Can Do!

I started my first real knitting project!! Yes, it's with huge needles and thick yarn, but I've gotta start somewhere! =D I figured it would be easier to learn to cable this way and would see fast results. I'm so jazzed about it! Can you guess what I'm making??

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Lately

My free time has been consumed by studying and housework, bleh! I have been able to squeeze in some fun things though. Over the weekend we were dog sitting for a family friend and had 3 dogs (plus us and our cat) in our 3 bedroom house. It was a little crowded, but they were easy dogs, and Izzie sure liked the company!

On Friday night after work, I went by Victoria's Secret to pick up my free undies (I love when I got those coupons in the mail!). Of course I can't just walk out of there with only the free item, I had to spend some too of course, it's not often I go to the mall. In addition to the free undies I got a new pair of plaid comfy PJ pants and a much needed new bra. Maybe its just me, but there's something magical about a new bra that actually fits! No constant tugging or adjusting, plus it makes me feel sexy and there's nothing wrong with that, right? ;-)

While we were out shopping we got a call from Brandon's parents who invited us out to dinner with them. We tried a new tapas restaurant inside of Nordstroms called Blue Stove. In one word - yum! My favorite dish was the lemon scented risoto with french beans and scallops. Delicious. Sorry, I forgot my camera at home =(

I was able to squeeze in a couple crochet projects this weekend too. I made another Bella Swan (Twilight) inspired hat in grey. I haven't had a chance to take pictures of it yet - soon! I also made and adorable baby size pumpkin hat! Since I think using dolls as models is kinda creepy, I borrowed my friend's baby, Jackson, to model it for me:
Isn't he a cutie pie? Such a happy-go-lucky little boy. The hat is for 0-3 months, and he's 4 months. So it was a little snug, but we made it work. It's usually folded up at the bottom for a cuff:

In between memorizing crazy pharmacology terms such as Prochlorperazine, and Diphenhydramine (about 50 total) I made a few more flower facial scrubbies when I needed a study break. Oh! I also sold 4 items this weekend! yay!

On Sunday night we had our parents and family over for a "breakfast for dinner" dinner. We had pancakes, biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns - the works! We all ate in our pajamas (I wore my new ones from VS of course!) and watched cartoons. It was a lot of fun! Once again, I forgot to take pictures. I'm terrible, aren't I??

I took the day off work yesterday to catch up on homework, housework, and to go into my mom's classroom for crochet club. The kids have made a lot of progress since the last time I was there! 3 of them are finished and ready to start a new project!

Now, I'm trying to fight the afternoon slump. Have a great evening all! Wish me luck for my test tonight =D