Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My year in Pictures (warning:picture overload!)

Hello blog world... I've missed you! So much has happened, where do I begin?

My last post was about graduating nursing school - awesome! However, the job market in California is crap for a new grad nurse with no RN experience sooooo I started looking out of state for jobs after 6 months of diligently looking and applying. I had heard Texas had openings and I started applying there. The first offer that came along was in Austin, so we packed up our home and hit the road!

On our road trip we stopped in Tucson, AZ, adventured the caverns in Carlsbad, NM, and visited friends in Dallas, TX. Our good friends Mike and Ciara trucked it out there with us, boxes and pugs in tow.

Then arrived at our new home that I've grown to love! We've done so much adventuring and travelling since we've been here. Here are the highlights in pictures!

Celebrated NYE 2012 on 6th street:

I started working at St. David's as a Med-Surg Nurse:

Discovered hidden gems in the rolling hills of Austin :

The food....


Had some great visitors:

Went to the BEST CONCERT EVER in Houston:

Food and Wine Festival + Sips and Sweets event with Lilani:

Celebrated Brandon's Birthday in San Antonio:

Celebrated my birthday in Gruene, TX:

Earned my BSN

Fun runs:

Austin City Limits:

Road trip to Tulsa, OK:

2 weddings in Cali (Malibu and San Fran):

Family time in Fort Worth:


I learned new tricks:

I shot a 12G shotgun for the first time and hit the clay pigeon on the first try!

We were nerdy tourists:

And fell in love with this city: