Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Goodies

Check out these AMAZING knit socks/slippers!! I got them in the mail yesterday in a fantastic slipper swap package from the UK. I'll post about all the other fun goodies later, how how awesome are these socks?!? I've never worn a pair of hand knit socks before, these have little leather soles on the bottom. How beautiful are these cables?? You bet I was dancing around the house in them! (PS. its not easy taking pictures of your own feet.)
I never thought I'd be one to dress my dog up... but how cute is Izzie in her new Christmas sweater?? It's got a hood with fur and a little kangaroo pocket on the back with white snowflakes.

I am loving the weather lately. It rained yesterday and it's actually cold enough today to wear knitted goodies! The entire front lawn this morning was frosted over as was my car. Love it.


  1. Ashley, you will just have to either move or go visit somewhere where it snows in the winter. That way you can enjoy what it is like to wake up on a cold morning with fresh snow on the ground. Awesome!

    Love Izzie's sweater! Darn cute! And aren't handmade socks/slippers the absolute best!!


  2. Haha, Izzie looks so cute! I can't get Luffy to sit still long enough to take a picture of him in his santa hat. He tries to eat it.