Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Washington/Jonathan's Wedding

A weekend in pictures...

On the scenic road from Seattle to Sequim, our first stop was at one of the many espresso shops along the highway. We thought this one was especially cute in pink =D
And for all you closet Twilight fans out there, here are some pictures in Port Angeles. It was only a quick stop while Brandon picked up his tux for the wedding.

During the wedding rehearsal I noticed a farm nearby with a ton of llamas. There was a great big sign nearby that read "Private Property, No Trespassing" so we went in anyway but kept our distance while watching the animals, since they do spit! After some time we went back to the rehearsal area and continued to wait for the bride and groom to arrive. About 5 minutes later, here comes this old man with a bright orange (crochet) beanie, dungarees, puff vest and treat bag on his side. I thought he was going to get angry with us for going on his property, but he ended up being such a nice old man! He brought us back over to feed his llamas and told us all about them. It turns out that the way llamas greet you and decide if they like you is by sniffing your nose. It was slightly awkward to stand there and let these animals sniff my face. He even taught them how to give kisses for treats! After going through the treats he brought with him, he took us down through his barn and we got to feed them dinner too. This was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend.

On the day of the wedding, my in-laws and I decorated the Wedding Chapel as the bridal party took pictures. I think we did a damn good job with the supplies we were given(2 dozen roses, ivy, tulle and some seat hooks).
Jonathan & Sarah's Wedding. Note: they used the glasses I ordered for them on Etsy! =D
The next day, on our way back to Seattle, I stopped to take some scenic pictures.
We only had two hours to spend in Seattle before taking our flight back home. I would love to go back and stay in the city! We just barely skimmed the surface. I love Pikes Market Place & wish we had something like it nearby! I scored some deliciously fresh Chevre goat cheese and Raspberry Jalepeno Jelly! (amazing together on a cracker!)

Oh, and I was good about staying on track with the couch to 5K running plan, even away from home. There wasn't a treadmill in the hotel, so I went outside and ran in the rain!
Checkout this fantastic view from the airplane:
Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty amazing trip! The last photo is amazing! :-)