Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wine Tasting + Sage Green Cowl

Earlier this week I finished a sage green neckie to match a hat I received in a swap package (seen here). I really love this pattern! It's quick to knit up, and easy to wear with the single button closure. This wool felt really soft to the touch while I was working on it, but when I put it up to my neck, it was really scratchy. Solution: soak the finished neckie in warm water with hair conditioner - worked like a charm!

Yesterday was a beautiful day after a week of heavy rain. To enjoy the perfect weather, we went to a couple wineries in Malibu for some wine tasting! One of my favorite ways to spend a day! =D

Yesterday marked the completion of my second week following the "Couch to 5K" running program! I'm honestly so proud of myself for staying on track - I haven't missed a day yet. Unfortunately, yesterday was also the first time I got shin splints since starting the program. I'm prone to getting them easily so I was kind of shocked that I hadn't yet. I'm hoping my body will adjust and I'll get them less often.

Now back to my lazy Sunday filled with reality TV and a current WIP...


  1. I started week two of Couch to 5k today and it's actually pretty intense for me! I can't wait until I finish it.

    I bought a foam roller for my shin splints and it really helps. (Or just a rolling pin!)

    Going to a winery over the weekend sounds like a blast to me!

  2. That WIP looks difficult and promising...

  3. Love that color of green. Very cute neckie. The WIP looks great in the color you are using. What are you up to now? :)