Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Travelling Scarf

This scarf has journeyed around the US and Canada and is about to make its final trip home!

My addition was the row of knitting and shell stitches in dark blue (middle picture). I think the scarf looks great and hope the owner will like it!


  1. NO the transition was not difficult it just took a long time because I gave up meat first and so on......and then went raw although I do steam some veggies. Only drink distilled water, lot of greens they are so good! I lost 25 pds within no time, because I started drinking green smoothies.

    As for the blanket THANK YOU ...and simply dc of rainbow colors would be great - the hospitals don't like lots of holes due to the cords.

    Again Thank you and when your done (no rush) you can send to: The Pescuma Family, 4600 Monterey Oaks Blvd, #327, Austin, Tx. 78749