Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Prop Fever

I'm am swooning over these knit items I've made lately. I wish I knew a baby that I could pose them on and list these new items in my shop.

This little hat was requested by my friend Lindsey who is due in August. She asked for an elfish style hat with a long tail, navy blue, light blue and white with alternating size of stripes. It will be worn for a newborn photoshoot and I'm super excited to see the pictures!! (Maybe I can use those?)

Here's a WIP picture, I used dpns for the whole hat, instead of circulars (which I'm more comfortable with) and I'm quite impressed with myself =D

And here's the completed hat - I think they look soooo cute on infants! (they are photo props only due to the long cord.)

This is not my photo, nor is it a hat I made, but how precious is this picture??
When I have kids, It's going to be ridiculous how many knit/crocheted goodies they'll have.
Prop #2 Is a hammock.
Again this is not my picture, or my knit work, but I made one in the exact same color combo for a photographer friend of mine. I can't wait to see her work with it! When she takes photos with it, I will use them to list these hammocks in my shop! I'm really excited about this!
(link to the etsy shop where the picture is from)
Tonight's plan: Yoga Circuit, Fitnessista's Week 3 Day 1 - Strength Day, & then crochet more photo prop goodies!!
Happy Monday =D

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