Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Foam Heads & Pit Fires

So last friday I did some browsing and decided I wanted to buy a manequin head. I figured my hat pictures would look better if I didn't have to model them ;-) I am very excited to get it in the mail any day now!

I had a request from a friend at church to make her fiance a green beanie. *snap* it's complete! I love making hats the most because I feel like I can complete them in no time at all! I definitely enjoy small projects more than larger ones like sweaters and blankets. I get impatient and love seeing the end results! I also made a flower pin to add to the side of my mom's hat. I got the idea to make the flower a removable pin from Kreativedesigner on Ravelry. I don't think I'll ever stitch one on a hat again, having the option to remove it makes the hat a lot more versitile. Why did I not think of that before?
The pit fire on Saturday was so cool! It was a beautifully clear day at the beach, but pretty darn cold with the wind! Everybody's pot survived and they all looked amazing! Each was so unique and pretty. We had to create our own "environment" for our pot out of a metal can, or a chicken-wire cage. We then surrounded them with all organic material such as banana peels, rose petals, pistachio shells, sawdust, seawead, copper wire, drift wood, vitamins, minerals etc. Each thing would imprint a different color on the pots as they burned. I had done mine in a paint can and poked holes in the sides. I didn't get deep reds like others got due to the lack of oxygen that could enter in the tin can (as opposed to a chicken wired cage). My pot looks almost metalic in spots. Its mainly black and white with a hue of rusty orange. I had wrapped a copper wire in a pattern around it which turned out pretty neat! I love it! Tonight in class we will be waxing them, i'll post a picture of it soon!


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