Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Edge

Warning: venting post

One of my coworkers, who will be referred to as LACW (lazy ass co-worker) continually gets under my skin. Why does LACW think its okay to neglect their work, and assume I'll pick up the slack? I did it last week (and previous weeks before that), but I won't this week. Do you think I can grow a backbone overnight, because I'm really tired of dealing with this? There's always something. Just lacw's mere presence puts me on edge - and I'm generally a pretty positive person. Maybe being within cubicle walls, and sitting at a desk all day is finally getting to me. I sure as hell could not do this the rest of my life - SO not my cup of tea. I need excitement, I need to be on my feet, otherwise I spend my days staring at the clock and getting worked up over trivial things. Have I mentioned my deep hatred towards filing? I sure hope I get into nursing school next semester....

BTW I'm working on my new blog layout, it's currently just in a simple, premade template. I'd really like to get navigation buttons at the top and create a new banner. Any tips??


  1. Don't let a person like that get under your skin Ashley. They are NOT worth it. Trust me when I say "what goes around, comes around". It is true and I've seen it happen. And oh the happiness when they get their share of crap. It's sweet. I'm not a vengeful person but when others don't do what is expected of them but yet they still want to get a paycheck, it is so sweet when the *(&*%* hits the fan for them.

    Cheer up dear and know that your followers are there behind your cheery, sweet, positive little self!

    Have a great day tomorrow! It's Friday! YEA!!!!


  2. I paid someone to do my blog for me because I am not html-savvy enough. She does have a few free templates on her site as well.

    The Blog Fairy

  3. It is not lack of optimism. It's self preservation instinct! don't pick up after her, you are doing her no good! you are a great person! sending you hugs!!!!