Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seriously, Grow up.

To the girl in my ballet class,

Grow Up!!


At the beginning of class we have to take the ballet barres to the center of the room for barre exercise. She (I honestly don't even know her name) and I were carrying one out and it accidently hit the mirror. The teacher just said something along the lines of "careful"
and she literally extended her whole arm to point at me and shouted "she kept pushing it!"

Yes, I was annoyed, but I let it go.

Then, after the barres were removed and we started dancing in the center of the room, there was a ring of water from the condensation on my water bottle. I didnt notice it was there or I would've wiped it up. When the teacher came to the center, he saw it and simply asked "Does anyone know, is this just water?" and AGAIN the girl extends her whole arm, points at me, and shouts "its from HER!"

I turned and looked at her with the dirtiest look I could muster up and spoke my mind "you really like pointing me out dont you?"
she replies "well it was from you"
I say "I'm well aware that it was from my water bottle, but what are you 12 years old?"

That made me feel better. I still can't get over it though - who does that in a college level class?? She's not any younger than I am. Grow up! Another side note, I've been told that I've inherited the "teacher-look" from my mother so I'm sure/hope the look I gave her helped get my point across =P


  1. Good for you, and well done! LOL! I do hope you gave her THE LOOK!!!!

  2. Yes, we do have that LOOK. :-)