Monday, November 9, 2009

Skipping Around Like a Little Girl

No school today! Why? Who knows, but me likey!

My mailbox was stuffed full with not one, not two, but 3 packages today!!! Let me share my new treasures with you.

Box #1: Halloween Headband & Candy swap:
Contains a purple cabled headband, Skittles & Starbursts!

Box #2 Scarves I ordered from Pretty Panda!

She is such an amazing etsy seller with such a great product. One of the scarves matched perfectly with what I was wearing, so of course I wore it to dinner tonight! The other one is a grey/black combo. And wrapped up in them were fun treasures! A pair of earrings and a pink flower hair pin.
Look how cutely wrapped they each came!

Box #3 Fingerless Mitts Swap Package/kit

Package contained: 2 skeins of yarn, crochet hook, pattern from my Rav queue, candle tealights, gorgeous stitch markers, makeup pouch (looks like she may have sewn it), shawl pin, lip gloss, cabled wristlet, magnets, post-its, and of course the pretty purple mitts!

I also forgot to mention that I received my Sassy Glasses monogrammed wine glass on Saturday. It was the one I had won from a giveaway. It's so cute - can't wait to use it!

Ok, time to watch Heroes! Have a great night my fellow bloggers =D


  1. The glass looks great!!! =)

    the gifts look great too!!!

  2. Everything looks great, but I LOVE those mittens!

  3. Those earrings look awesome. I also love the scarves. Very cute!

  4. Lucky girl! Everything looks wonderful. The mitts are FAB!


  5. How cute! I love blogger exchanges and giveaways!

  6. Everything looks great but as Libby said, I love those mittens!

  7. The wine glass looks awesome as well as everything else. Don't you just love packages!!