Friday, November 20, 2009


Thank you all for the nice "congratulations" on my last post. To answer your questions, I was born in Montreal, Canada and moved to California when I was really young - about 4 years old. While I was technically a Canadian, I've always really considered myself an American since I grew up here. Now I have the paperwork to back it up & I can vote in the next election! We still have a lot of family in Montreal and go back as often as we can for visits. The US does not recognize dual citizenship, once your American - you're only American! However, as long as I don't renounce my Canadian citizenship in writing, Canada will recognize both.

I have sold 2 Bella Swan Twilight hats in the past 24 hours! *Happy dance* I think there's some Twilight fever going around with the movie coming out. Has anyone seen it yet, or planning to see it? I know I will! =D

Newest shop item, Sunburst Slouch:
I love the rusty-orange color.

Weekend plans include:
Watching the dance show at school
Write a report on it
Hanging our new chandelier
Putting up new vanity lights & mirror in hall bathroom
Meet with group for Pharmacology project
Hair party at Lani's!
Tidying/deep clean the house
Finalizing Thanksgiving menu
Grocery shopping
Thanksgiving potluck at church
Happy Friday all!


  1. I love the Bella hat just because it looks nice and I like the style. The new Sunburst Slouch is fun.

    Sounds like you have a busy weekend. I hope you have fun!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the hat
    I saw New Moon today and I loved it
    Cannot wait for JUNE the 3rd movie comes out

    Got a busy weekend\week ahead of me too
    Need to get some school work done
    Grocery shopping
    and other things


  4. Congratulations on your citizenship. I think it's unfair to not recognize it as dual but at least Canada does and you didn't lose your origins. That's cool!

    Yes, there are a few Twilight fans out there. I have seen Bella's mittens everywhere on the craftworld (and they look difficult to make). I'm not going to watch the film, I didn't like the first one. In my opinion, they looked like scared ghosts, not like gorgeous people as the book depicts them *grunts* Anyway, I'm rambling here, do not pay attention to me and enjoy it! ;-)

  5. Congratulations, Ashley!
    I need to start working on my citizenship as well, but I won't give up my Brazilian one. Brazil does allow me to have dual, so like you, I'll keep it.
    Lucas has dual citizenship, it was a pain to get him two passports, two birth certificates... but well worth it.
    Nice slouch hat! You've been crocheting such cool things!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Beautiful hat color!

    And, looks like you're going to have one very full weekend. :-)