Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend, Mitts & Whoopie Pies

Happy Monday! Do you agree, was this weekend too short? Or is it just me? I still have so much to do & no time to do it!

I am now CPR and First Aid certified thanks to an all day course I took on Saturday! If you're choking, I can help!

Our bathroom is almost done - just need a mirror and vanity lights. But, at least it's usable now and we won't have to keep fighting over one toilet! I promise, pictures coming soon!

My living room has felt like a little sweat shop lately with the piles of headbands and flowers all over my coffee table. I did come up with a new organization/presentation method last night. I'll have to snap a photo tonight and show you =D I also made a pair of fingerless mitts this weekend too! It's a really great pattern. The mitts are very form fitting, snug and not bulky at all. I'd definitely recommend it:
Pattern: Firecracker Gloves by Ria Saakshi, can be found on Ravelry here.

It's no wonder why the numbers on my scale continue to go up, and not down. Look at these delicious sweets my father in law brought into work today! He had us taste test them so he would know which to make for Thanksgiving. First thing in the morning no less! I'm not going to lie, they were really really good! If only you could smell the Pumpkin Spiced Whoopie pies through the computer, or taste the Rice Crispy Peanut Butter/ Chocolate bars.
I've been searching the stores and web for Thanksgiving decoration ideas. I found this pattern for an adorable Turkey wreath. Just have to find the time! Do any of you have suggestions on how I can make my house look & feel festive for Thanksgiving? All the stores have seemed to skip Thanksgiving already and have moved on to Xmas.


  1. yum I love whoopie pies!

    For the hike, From the Moorpark Freeway (23), exit on Avenida de Los Arboles and go west (a right turn if you are coming from Moorpark). Follow de Los Arboles until it ends at Big Sky Drive. Make a U-turn and the park entrance is on the right side of the road.

    It's worth it, I promise. Try googling Paradise Falls as well. You should find trail guides.

  2. Yes the weekend was to short!! and to much to day..
    yay cpr first aid is something great to have.. i have mine as well..

  3. Yummy! those brownies look so good. Congrats! on your CPR and First Aid certified.

  4. Pumpkin spice whoopie pies!! OH - Kelly and I were talking in ballet class & think you should make little drawstring bags with large holes for smelly toe shoes. Kelly has one that her mom made. :) Excited to see you on Saturday!!

  5. Congrats! And the gloves look great. :-)

    I've been decorating with baskets with real autumn foods: butternut squash, pomegranates, a little pumpkin. Also there is fall foliage on the tables and I changed my table runner to a striped one. I'll take pics.