Monday, January 4, 2010

On Surviving the Holidays & New Year Resolutions

I'm not quite sure how I got through the holidays this year, but I'm sure glad they're over! I don't say that in a "bahumbug" kind of way, but this year was very stressful! This was the first year I truly felt like an adult and wasn't incredible giddy or excited over Christmas. It's kind of sad actually, I usually enjoy being in the Christmas spirit. This year I had so much to do that I didn't even have time for Christmas baking or mailing out Christmas cards, a couple of things I look forward to! From the church boutique, to custom orders I have been crocheting up a storm! I never would've imagined that my shop would take off as much as it did this Christmas. I've almost hit 60 orders! Very exciting & loving every minute of it! Although I will admit, while working full time and taking night classes, it was hard to keep up. Now, I can take a deep breath and work on getting my Christmas swap packages out! =P

My favorite and most unexpected present this year was a Wii game console and Wii Fit!! I'm loving it, even thought it made my Mii character chubby! lol

One of the many "joys" of family get togethers is anticipating the comments we will get from my crazy Greek Aunts. They have no filter and love to point out when you've put on a few pounds. Last Easter I got asked if I was pregnant. NO, I've just gained weight, thanks! This year my gorgeous cousin was told that she looks 80! What does that even mean? Brandon often gets told that "married life is agreeing with him" while they pat his stomach. Good times! A big "thank you" goes out to my cousins (and wine) for making these holidays bearable!

I have many things to be thankful for from 2009. It was last January that my husband and I purchased our first home. It was also this past May that we adopted Izzie! I am thankful for a steady job amongst economic turmoil and for my ever growing etsy shop! 2009 brought about many changes in my life and I foresee 2010 to do the same! After all, it should be this upcoming Fall semester that I *finally* get into nursing school!

Now, onto my resolutions. I have quite a few this year, but many of them go hand in hand.
1) I want to look and feel confident in my appearance. This is a multifaceted resolution:
a) I want to lose 25-30lbs.
b) I need to wake up early enough to have a morning routine. No more rolling out of bed with 10 minutes to spare, throwing my hair in a messy bun and leaving the house looking like a mess.
c) workout & actually *use* my gym membership. This will be broken down in smaller, more manageable weekly goals. It will also include using my new Wii Fit! =P
d) not letting outside opinions get to me
e) eat better, plan out meals, and "pick" at snacks and junk food less
2) Make God, reading my bible, and going to church a priority
a) Love God, love people.
b) really get involved, volunteer.

I've been debating whether or not to take (dance) classes this Spring semester. Should I take a semester off before starting nursing school? Or, should I take dance for fun, even though it ties up my nights? Any thoughts? Which would you chose?


  1. hi! i just found your blog from 20-something bloggers

  2. Hi Ash: I am up late crocheting and catching up on reading blogs. I just skimped through your last five. I will start with the newest and go backwards. I too got the Wii and the Fitness Plus it is awesome and I feel no need to go to the gym ever again..! Tom my other half his wii person is also chubby and we laughed our heads off watching him run!!! New year resolutions well lets simplify and call them goals, I like that better takes the pressure off. First not sure if your aware but i am a Whole Health Educator so if you would like some tips on how to drop 25 pds I would be glad to give you a few that will also keep them off. Lovely family photo. Your projects look awesome, love that green color yarn you use for the hat. The dog come on is the dog just the cutest in his santa outfit. My first dog a chow...tough dogs to handle, then we had a pug and then our last dog bulldog....I love dogs especially the flat faced which most people don't see why people like you and I find them but we know they are!!!
    You got some good goals just don't put pressure on yourself because then we begin to resist the change.

  3. I'm so jealous of your Wii and Wii Fit. I asked my dad for a Wii, but he just got me other stuff intead that would have cost about the same. Oh well. I hope you enjoy it! That's exciting!

    And congrats on your shop. It's doing really well! I've been wearing the Bella hat and love it! It's so warm!

  4. Congrats on your Etsy shop! And, what a wonderful family and photo - Greek aunts and all! You have a lot of resolutions, but they all look intertwined so I bet when you focus on one or two, they will make the others happen for you. I wish you all the best for 2010!

    I'm not sure what to suggest for the dance classes. I guess it depends on how much "free" time you have or how you choose to spend it.

  5. It looks like you have a wonderful and great family!!!!

    As for the dancing classes: If it is something you are truly passionate about, I would go for it.

    Sometimes I wish I had a real "hobby" like playing the piano, the guitar or whatnot.