Friday, March 26, 2010

Limoncello Tasting Dinner

Last Sunday, Brandon and I went with our parents and a bunch of coworkers to a Limoncello tasting dinner with wine pairing. It was to die for! Here's a copy of our 5 course menu (pictures below). Tuscany in Westlake is truly a fantastic restaurant. I've never had a bad meal there. That being said, we could never afford to go on our own. I love opportunities to dress up and wear my wedding pearls :)
Brother, Dad & Brando =)
As always, I start the night off my taking pictures of each course to share with you. But, after a few glasses of wine, I forget. Here's the first two courses. The first was a goat cheese and tomato tart with a limoncello risotto ball. (mmm goat cheese) The second was asparagus with crab meat in a limoncello cream sauce. Both were absolutely delicious which says a lot since I never eat asparagus! I wish I took a picture of the dessert; Limoncello tiramisu with fresh berries!
My Father in Law, Jeff - the planner of the evening, was very happy about getting his bottle of Limoncello. He's already used it to make macaroon cookies = yum!

I'm still not a big fan of limoncello drinks, but food made with it are "nom nom". Yes, that is a technical term ;)

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  1. Sounds like you had a FAB time! The first two courses sound delish just by themselves. Thank goodness for parents who don't mind footin' the bill.