Friday, March 5, 2010


I finally made myself a Facebook fan page! I figured it was time to stop bogging my real life friends down with all my crafty projects, and start posting them to the fan page. In addition, its a great marketing/networking tool! win-win =D I also just created an album with customer photos. I absolutely love seeing my customers wearing the items I make for them. If you have a photo, please send it my way!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Brig Van Osten from P!ay Hair Lounge (in Simi Valley). She ordered a "Blair bow headband" from me a few months back and asked if I could make it 3 times bigger than the normal one I sell in my shop. I remember thinking it was HUGE when I made it and was unsure how she'd like it. After meeting Brig, and watching her on Shear Genius (this season on Bravo!) I totally get it now! She definitely rocks the big bows! Check out how she spruced up the bow and made it her own using wire to make it stand up - love it!

(please ignore my frumpiness, it was after a long day at work)

Random thought of the day: I really don't think I could go a whole day without sugar! How sad is that?! Seriously though, dessert & sweets has literally become a step on my personal food pyramid. Ack! When I tell myself I need to cut back, or can't have it - I want it that much more! Hi my name is Ashley, and I'm a chocoholic.


  1. Simi valley is sooo small!! My sister in law works at play hair salon! Her name is Brit tarr! :) Brig is sooo awesome! And of course she wanted the bow 3x as big! haha

  2. this is adorable, Ash. I'm so proud of you! Did I become a fan yet? (sorry I'm kind of bad at facebooking) Also, I miss you. Also, this past month, I've developed a sweet tooth. I can't stop either! :-X

  3. WOW!!!! I just watched several of the Shear Genius shows last night!!! Very cool for you!!!!