Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • #1= It's Friday!!
  • Getting a membership to a local Yoga studio
  • Health & wellness open house tomorrow (with free mini massages!!)
  • Working on & hopefully finishing my granny square blanket
  • Dress shopping
  • Nursing school open house
  • Cardio Barre class taught by Lani!
I participated in a 12x12 block exchange last year with the end result being an eclectic granny square blanket. Well, here's what it has looked like for the past 6 months:

I got the squares from everybody, but they've sat in a bag in my closet... until this week! I finished up my last two squares, and added a brown border on each of them (making all the stitch quantities equal on all 12 squares!). Now I'm working on joining them. It's a lot of work! I now remember why I like small projects. I'm going to wait to show you an updated picture until its complete. Hopefully this weekend!

I also received a hat swap package today! Love it!
And yes, that is a Wrestling Buddy on the shelf behind me. My husband has had it since he was a kid and will never give it up. =D

Here's a glimpse of my most recent finished project.
Can you guess what it is??


  1. Looks roundish. Beret? Rug?

  2. Love the colors in your recent project. Is it something for a table?

    All the squares for your blanket are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the pics of it.

  3. Ooh, can't wait to see your finished blanket and the big reveal on this new project. I'm loving the colors and the variety of stitches. Let me guess: It looks round and sort of sturdy so maybe it's a rug or the underside of a planter or perhaps a round centerpiece for a table instead of a rectangular runner?

    Please don't keep us waiting too long. :-)

  4. Some knit and some crocheted - that's the first time I've seen squares of both my favorite crafts put together. Great idea!

    I don't suppose the hat swap came with the pattern, did it? If so, is it share-able? It's lovely!

    Your multicolored circular-looking bit could be a doily, or the beginning of a shawl, or part of a sweater. With those colors, I'd lean towards a sweater such as was glimpsed in one of the Harry Potter movies on his friend's mom. That's one pattern I'd love to get my hands on, even if my kids would cringe to see me in it!

  5. Thanks guys! I'll reveal it soon =D

    Jessica-Jean, here's a link to the free hat pattern!: