Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quilting Part 1

A wonderful woman at our church volunteered to teach the ladies how to make rag quilts. Right up my alley? You betcha!! So technically, I guess I was supposed to use flannel, but I didn't get that memo so I'll have to keep that in mind for next time. I'm sure it will still work fine with this fabric, but it won't fray the same way that flannel does. I really love the patterns and prints I chose - I think its going to be a really fun and bold quilt.
So, I took my sewing machine down from closet, dusted it off, gathered my supplies and I was off to learn a new craft. I've had issues with my sewing machine ever since I got it (brand new Brother). First, I couldn't seem to get the tension right, and then it would only go backwards! Thanks to a sewing guru, It was stitching forward again and working great!
Once I got started I didn't want to stop. I was on a roll! I set up my machine when I got home and kept on sewing. It was working great and then without changing any settings, the tension got off again! So frustrating... Here's a picture of some test stitched I did while I messed with the settings trying to get it back to normal. See how the bottom thread comes up in loops? I can't seem to fix that even at the tightest tensions.
Any thoughts or suggestions as to why it's doing that and how I can fix it?? Anyone else have this issue with a Brother sewing machine? I hope I can get it back up and running again soon so I can continue quilting this beauty =D
Happy Friday!


  1. Check your bobbin. It might be too loosely wound. And make sure the thread isn't too thick. Those are problems I encountered before that messed the stitches up.

    Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. I agree. Check the bobbin. I have an old Brother machine that Em uses and it has a bobbin holder that has a tension screw on it. If your machine has the holder, check to see if if has a screw on it to tighten up. Love the fabrics you are using.

  3. I'm out of wisdom. The only thing I can still think of is that the bobbin might be too full or that the thread on it is going in the wrong direction.

    You could also try to dust the bobbin area with one of those cans of pressured air.

    What kind of machine is it?
    Do you still have the manual that came with it?

  4. This happened to me too many times. My bobbin timing was messed up. Like mentioned before, it might need to be adjusted some or cleaned. Earlier this year mine was a result of using too heavy a fabric and yarn combo for my machine with the plastic parts. I was using denim with a thread made for denim. Everytime my bobbin messed up (with the exception of the last time) I got a more experienced seamstress to look at it because she knew just what to tighten and oil. Hope this helps.

    Your quilt is going to look amazing. Love the bold prints! Grrrrrr (that's my jungle sound) :-D

  5. I love the prints you picked!
    So fun!
    I cant wait to see it when it finished:)
    I agree with the other ladies,when this has happened to me in that past, it was usually the bobbin.

  6. The bobbin was upside down!! lol I feel like a fool that it took me that long to figure it out =P