Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are you out there?

Glo, Gloria?!? Where are you? You've won my giveaway, but I haven't heard from you yet. Hope everything is okay. Maybe your just on vaca, or afk? I'm going to give her until Monday, but if I don't hear from her then Nicole will have first pick and I'll draw another name for the second item.

Yesterday was a really rough day for me. I basically had a complete meltdown while at work. Ya. Not fun. I decided to call the nursing schools that I had applied to, to check my application status. I had applied to both in the spring of 2008 and they both gave me an estimate of about 2 years wait. It's coming close to that, so I just wanted to find out if they had a better idea of when I'd be accepted.

The first school, Moorpark, has a slightly better rated program and I'm more familiar with their campus since I got my AA from there. They told be that, based on my lottery number, I would most likely be an alternate for Fall 2010! That doesn't even guarantee that I'll be in the program, I only will if someone were to drop out before the program starts. I was expecting to start this January.

I was feeling disappointed, but hoped that Pierce had some better news. Not the case. It turns out they sent me an acceptance letter in MARCH 2009. I told them I never received one, nor did I get a call. They continued to tell me that the letter was returned to them, and it's not their policy to call the student. It's the student's responsibility to change their address with the school. Here's the thing, I DID! I called them in JANUARY to give them my new address, but of course I have no way to prove it. I asked them about putting me in the spring semester, and they said the students have already been chosen, there is nothing they can do. "The only thing I can do that is fair to you and the other students is to put you back in the lottery for the Fall semester." she said, "If you thought something was off, why didn't you call us sooner?" Well, because I didn't think anything was off! I changed my address with them and as far as I was concerned, I was just waiting! ugh.... so frustrating!

So yesterday was not a good day. Today I'm still discouraged, but I'm exploring other options. There are some other, private universities within an hour drive with BSN, bachelor programs for nursing. I just emailed one, lets see how that goes. They say things happen for a reason, it better be a good one! lol =P


  1. Oh no, that has to be so frustrating, especially since you did everything you were suposed to! Maybe you could ask Pierce to put you on a wait list for a January start? Good luck with everything, I hope it all works out!

  2. I know the feeling. It's horrible waiting around. I've been waiting to get into the teaching credential program and it sucks!!!

    I hope something good comes around for you soon.

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  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!! Good luck!!!