Friday, October 23, 2009

My Lucky Week

I think I should cash in on this luck and buy myself a lotto ticket. Why is this my lucky week? I'll tell you...

I won 3 giveaways this week & aced my Pharmacology midterm!

#1 was the pair of YMI jeans I blogged about here from Holly at Her Southern Heart.
now if only my butt would look that good in them ;-)

#2 An adorable Monogramed Wine Glass from Sassy Glasses given away by Kelly at Keeping up with Kelly!
They are such cute wine glasses - great for gifts! If I had known about it when I got married, it would've been the gift I gave to all my bridesmaids. It was really hard to chose one, but because of my love for all things pink, I went this one:
I can't wait to host another wine tasting party and use this glass!

#3 A complete makeover for my etsy store from Frenchie and Flea! This includes:
- Creative Evaluation & Consultation for your custom design - worth $25.00
- Custom Designed Shop Header - worth $50.00
- Custom Designed Favicon - worth $20.00
- Photo styling for 3 products (feature images). You will receive 3-5 low resolution images for web only of each of your 3 products - worth $65.00
- Custom Designed Logo High-Resolution Jpeg (and all rights) PLUS Print-Ready Business Card File - worth $300
+ FREE Promotion of your ReVamped Store or Blog + Featuring of your store products after F&F Styling on F&F's Blog and/or Etsy Shop.

I sent them over a couple Flower Center Slouch Hats, Bow Headbands and one of my Boho Necklaces (like the one in the giveaway). I can't wait to see what they come up with for my store!!

#4 The dreaded Pharmacology midterm = 96%!! I was ready to drop the class. The reason why I did so well is that she allowed us to use a "cheat sheet" on her test. Must be on a full sheet of paper (8x10) handwritten and on one side only. Lets just say, my eyes were crossed by the end of the exam. I have never written that tiny before in my life! The cheat sheet is allowed only for the midterms though. For the quizzes in between we can't use a sheet, so I was not doing well on those quizzes. The names of drugs are so long, its like learning a foreign language! One without any trends or grammar. I am so glad I did well, I guess I'll stick it out until the end. Now I know how much I need to study for those quizzes which cumulatively add up to 10% of the grade.

REMINDER: We're coming up to the last few days before I pick a winner for my giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, do so here. Good luck to all who have entered, I will be picking a winner on Monday!


  1. Ashley, you did have lots of wonderful surprises this week. Besides the A on the exam, I'd have to say the mouth-dropping giveaway prize is the Etsy makeover! May it bring you much success.

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  2. Congratulations on everything!
    You are a student, a worker and a housewife, and even have time to make such wonderful crafts. You deserve those prizes! I agree with Libby, the Etsy shop makeover sounds amazing. :-)