Friday, May 22, 2009

Recent Projects

So, I'm pretty much obsessed with making these scrubbies lately. I've even started asking people at work what colors they have in their kitchens so I can make them one =-) Here are the ones I made last night during Criminal Minds and So You Think You Can Dance! (have I mentioned how much I love SYTYCD?? I'm glad the season started back up again)

I also made this caplet last Saturday out of the yarn I got in my swap package. It is so soft and fuzzy!! I just can't believe how fast I made it. I made this same pattern a few months back when I first started crocheting and it took me a couple weeks, now I whipped it out in a day! I finally got around to taking pictures of it last night:


  1. Great job! Your caplet is beautiful. That yarn was put to good use.

    Have a lovely weekend. :-)

  2. Nice caplet!
    Thank you for the kind comment about my wreath. :o)
    Yes, I'm writing a pattern for the wreath, and once I have it ready, I'll have it on my etsy shop.

  3. Hello Ashley, greetings from Hannover/Germany. Thanks for favourite Kristinas Stola. She stands next to me and she is very proud!!! Your stola is also very sweet and your little flowers are amazing. Kind regards, Kristina and Birgit