Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunshine and Puppy love

Usually, I am not a morning person. I'm the one who sleeps right through my alarm or hits it 5 times in my sleep. This morning however, was the complete opposite. My alarm was set for 630 (usually giving myself a while before I really need to be out of bed) but I woke up at 6am, wide awake and ready for the day! On my right was my wonderful husband, at my feet was my my cat Misty and right by my left side was my new cuddle bug Izzie! All in a queen bed! Maybe its time to get a bigger one, but for now, its one big cuddle fest! I woke up happy and in such a great mood! Even though I had a lovely present to pick up after I got out of the shower, it didn't put a damper on my day!

I think its the weather... This week has been absolutely beautiful! The temperature has been up in the high 70s - 80s and will be up to the 90s by Thursday/Friday. I just want to play hookie from work and go to the beach with Izzie! I want to see how she'd do with the waves. Maybe I'll go on Saturday...

Izzie has definitely attached herself to me already. Wherever I go, she's right behind me! There's no mistaking that she's my dog =-) Last night I took her to see Yiayia and Papou at their retirement home. They just LOVED her! They even called my mom after our visit to tell her how much they enjoyed that we stopped by. I was really great to put a smile on their faces. It was about a 25-30 minute car ride and Izzie cuddled up and slept the whole way! She is so good in the car, it was really precious: 

Today is Cinco de Mayo! I need a margarita! =-)

Tonight I'm going to make another Raku-fire bowl. I hope it turns out as neat as the other one did! 

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