Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Pictures

I will say, this was one of my best birthdays ever! How can you top Disneyland, Olive Garden, Wine-tasting party, and last but not least, getting a dog?!? (best present ever - thanks hubby!) Well... maybe a trip to Europe... but that's beside the point :-) I had a wonderful birthday!

In one of these pictures I'm wearing an apron that my friend Kelly MADE for me! SO cute!! I'm also holding a hand painted wine glass that says "birthday girl" (a gift from Kristen & Justin) I felt very special using that at our wine-tasting party. And yes, that is a HUGE giraffe made entirely out of legos!!! Too big to fit it all in the picture.

Hope you all have a great evening! I've got some beanies to whip up tonight!


  1. So how many digits, birthday girl? Again, looks like you had a fab time!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ashley!!!!! LOL! I'm SOOO envious of your day at the Land, the Garden and wine tasting?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Could your hubbie give some hints to mine? lol!

  3. What a great birthday! I also want a dog and a wine tasting party for mine, I'll give my friends some hints too ;-D
    Cute apron too!

  4. Hello Ashley, happy belated birthday. I think your birthday was great, nice pictures!

    Kind regards birgit

  5. Ya- the wine tasting parties are great! We have one every few months. Everyone brings a bottle of wine and/or appetizers (mainly cheese & chocolatey goodness)and we try them all! It's a lot of fun!