Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pasta Pictures!

As I promised, here are the pictures from Sunday when I sent the afternoon in the kitchen:

Blanched tomatoes

Meaty Sauce - I brown the meat in a pan first and then have it cook the rest of the way in the sauce. Makes the meat so tender! There are beef ribs, spicy Italian sausage, and home made meat balls cooking in there. (I pull them out before pouring sauce over pasta and serve the meat on a separate plate). I had two big pots full!

Rolling out the dough - gotta love the Kitchen Aid!

Half the dough was made into spaghetti that we ate for dinner (and lunch the past 2 days)

And the other half became ravioli!


Izzie slept in front of the sink and kept me company the whole time =-D

I also forgot to mention that I had won this cute little button from one of phat fiber's giveaways! I got it in the mail on Saturday!

More baking endeavors coming soon!


  1. The kitchen aid is like the ferrari of kitchen appliances. I have one here at work but not for my personal kitchen!

    Oh and um, I had no idea about your love for food. We need to hang out - outside of dance, outside of Moorpark College. I'm going to be taking classes at "Let's Get Cooking" in WLV, you should look into it. :D

  2. Suggestion: I make my sauce pretty much the same way you do but in a crock pot and with hot italian sausage. You can just dump it in the bottom of the crock pot, even still frozen, and let it cook with all the other ingredients all day. It flavors the sauce and is super easy.

  3. Definitely! the longer it simmers, the better!

  4. Anonymous is nonna