Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I wish I were a morning person =-D

If only I didn't struggle to get out of bed in the morning, every morning! When I need to get up for work, I sleep right through my alarm. But on weekends, when I have the opportunity to sleep in - I'm up at 8! go figure!

Anyways, last night I went to the gym for an hour! I really miss exercising, but it's really hard to find the motivation to go. After I got back my dog was so hyper! So, I rode my bike and had her on the leash so she could get out some of her extra energy. Worked like a charm! Honestly, I'm pretty sore today. I'm still going to push myself to take a class tonight though.

After dinner I was all set and ready to finish the star blanket and block it. I sat on the couch, poured my tea, picked the channel, and pulled it out of my purse to get started. Buuuuut..... I couldn't find my hook!! I left it on my desk at work =-( It will have to wait until tomorrow night.

With my newly found free time I worked on a small project. I made my first felted item - an iphone cozy. I just improvised the design and it fits great! It didn't felt up as much as I'd hoped though. Any suggestions for next time?
Here's how I made it:

Just improvised the design.

25 Sc stitches around and around, without joining, until it covered the phone (and then some for room for shrinkage). The strap over the top is 5 Sc wide.

The button is just decorative, there is a velcro closure for quick and easy access to the phone.

Before Felting:


While the cozy was in the washing machine I started on a rasta colored beret with the noro yarn! I decided not to do that particular beret that I linked in my previous post. The yarn is pretty thick & I didn't think it would display the pattern very well. Instead, I started this one. It will be a lot thicker than the one pictured, and hopefully extra slouchy too. It's looking great so far... but I'm running out of yarn and its only halfway complete!! ack! I'm going to have to find some more, it's just too fun and funky to frog at this point!

I'm really excited about a couple Ravelry groups I joined recently. One is for a lengthwise travelling scarf & by the end of the round robin rotation everyone will have a completed scarf! The other one I joined is a block exchange. Everyone breaks off into small groups of 12 and decides on a color scheme. Then, everyone makes 12 large granny squares and sends one to everyone in the group (keeping one for themselves). It will be an eclectic afghan when completed with some knitted and some crocheted squares! I've seen a few pictures and they look beautiful once complete! Lastly, the everlasting tea box! Right now it's in the Netherlands and will be coming to CA soon! Call me a nerd, but I'm totally excited for these swaps!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I like that beret, it looks very classy :-D
    Have fun at those swaps!

  2. These swaps are so cool! I can't crochet or anything but I do drink tea. How does one get in on the tea thing?

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  4. YAY for tea. Just had a really good cup of green tea. Can't pronounce the name, but it tasted so good.

    I do like this beret too. I had plans to make the first one you considered, but it looks rather hot.

    Best wishes on your swaps and your exercise regimen. :-)

    p.s. Not a morning person either.....