Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cuppy Cakes!

Work has been very busy lately with a co-worker out sick and the weather has been really gloomy! Soooo, Kelly and I decided to brighten up the day with some cheerful cupcakes!! We may have been in over our heads a bit, it was really hard to make the petals! But in the end we had a few really cute ones, and then put sprinkles on all the rest =D

This was just our practice night. We plan to make some really fun shark ones on Saturday morning for a friend who is coming home from 3 month stay in Argentina.

Have a great evening all!

Oh and here is the progress on my star blankie -


  1. nick kot yur kuz from da bayJune 9, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    damm cuz those brownies r damm sexy

  2. super cute blog, ash! i love it. i'm going to have read up on you. i miss you and i hope you get dancing soon again, you wonderfully talented lady!!!!

  3. thanks! unfortunately i don't have that crafy gene in me that you do. :) you didn't even have to mention it (http://paginevuote.wordpress.com/blogs-i-thoroughly-enjoy/). XO

  4. Ok, what pattern are you using? cause mine doesn't look half as good as yours! LOL!

  5. very cute cupcake and the blanket looks good as well.
    Argentina is fun, I've been there with my husband - we had a blast!

  6. Cute cupcakes!! Hats off for the petals: you rock, girls!
    I'm also wondering what pattern is that, I think my star's peaks are more pointed.