Monday, June 15, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was productive, yet very relaxing at the same time. We had a couple of guys working in the yard all weekend. They dug trenches and put in drain pipes from the backyard all the way down to the front curb. They pulled out all the yucky wood chips and prepped the yard for new sod. I planted some pretty petunias out in the front too. I'm hoping that the backyard will be full of new grass and fruit trees within a month! **fingers crossed!**

I'm almost done with my star blankie, 2 more rows to go! I'll post a picture as soon as it's complete. I guess I will need to block it? (whatever that means?) I'm going to have to look into that....

On Sunday we had my dad, his gf and her boys over for an early father's day lunch. I made pizza and pasta! yummo! It was really nice to see them all - I don't get to enough. After they left I watched a few movies, & drank some tea while I worked on the blankie.

I've been eagerly waiting the completion of this blanket. I've decided not to start another project until it's complete since the baby shower is on Saturday. But, when it IS done - I'm going to play with my new colorful Noro yarn (pictured in my last post)!! I've been browsing Ravelry all weekend in search for the perfect thing to make. I'm really digging this sling bag, but I don't think there is quite enough yarn for it. So, I'm thinking I'll make this slouch beret. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions for what to make with it?

Happy Monday!


  1. I vote for the beret! And about blocking, I've never blocked anything before but I linked this tutorial for whenever I need to:

    Happy Monday :-)

  2. Blocking is easy... I usually just stretcht the garment a bit, pin it down and either steam iron it or just water spray it and leave it to dry, depending on the garment. It is super easy to do, and helps a lot to the final look of it.

    I vote for the beret too! and the link Alhana gave you is great!!!!

  3. you should make one of those rugs, they are super fun!
    let me know if you need any help with it.