Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainy day Friday

Its not very often that we get rain in June in California. I love it though! It's the perfect weather for sipping my new tea I got last night! If I could link a smell through my blog, I would! This tea is amazing! The aroma is filling up the whole office here at work. Of course, it was from Teavana (which I talked about the other week). I love going to that store so much! The tea I'm drinking right now is called Mrs. Earl Grey and it's full of yummy goodness! We also got a White Chai Tea blend with Mate Lemongrass Herbal Tea. I tried that one last night as I crocheted up the two blue beanies. yum! The last one we got seems really interesting. It smells very oakey and smokey. The reason why we got it was because my husband loves to cook a good steak, and they guy said it could also be used as a meat rub! I'll let you know how that turns out when we try it.

They also had the farmers market at the mall yesterday! We are now fully stocked up on yummy fruit & veggies! They had some of the best nectarines I have ever had - so sweet! We also got some of the plums with the red centers, just like I used to eat right off the tree when I was a kid (we had one in our yard). They are perfectly ripe, and so juicy that it just runs down my arm when I bite into it. This is one thing that I love about living in southern California - all the locally grown & deliciously fresh produce.

Well I'd better get back to work. Check out this cute dress giveaway:

Have a great weekend!!



  1. I love tea. Have you joined the tea swap group on Rav??

    Hey I have some yarn that I think you'd like to experiment with (some different fibers and such)... Want to do a private swap? :)

  2. MM I'm not particular. I'd love something deep purple and soft, or maybe some sock yarn for a shawl?

    I have 4 skeins for you... Two of them I've only slightly used (think maybe 7 yards missing from each) and two that i'm tired of looking at in my stash. I thought bout you since you said you didn't have any great stores out your way.

    Oh! OR! There is this crocheted hat I've been eyeing on rav... maybe if you crochet that up for me in something pretty we can call it even?


    That's the hat. :)

  4. Yay! I love that hat. I do like the colors. I also like anything with purple, green, and brown together. Be creative, I'm sure I'll love it.

    I have some packages to send out on Monday, so I'll put your yarn in the mail. I hope it's happier in your stash than it's been in mine.

    Oh and one more thing... If you ever come across some Genmaicha tea at Teavana (my closest tea store is not so close) I'd be happy to pay you/trade you for it!

    Thanks Ashley! I'm excited... :)