Friday, July 10, 2009

How We Met

Brandon and I met in high school at Santa Susana High in Simi Valley. Now, I've got to explain a little about the high school we went to. It was a very small magnet school for the performing arts and technology. Needless to say, there were some very unique characters (not excluding myself). I was there for dance & choir and he was there for computer programming. The best thing about this school was that there were no real "cliques". Everybody knew everybody, no outcasts, and everyone was so accepting of others' differences. It was such a great high school experience.

End tangent =-)

He and I had classes together since 9th grade but never considered each other more than acquaintances. I remember him quite well in our 9th grade Earth science class. He had the spikiest red (dyed) hair, and would always wear these bright orange parachute pants, t shirt and a visor! His look evolved over the years and when we were seniors he carried this quiet, smart, & some what "bad-ass" persona. He grew his hair out long, dyed it black (which is so contrasting compared to his pale skin) and always wore a beanie (with the ends of his hair poking out the back). In our senior year a mutual friend set us up to go together to Winter Formal. He wasn't into the whole winter formal thing and I didn't want to go with a date. But we both reluctantly went together, and it was a good thing we did! We hit it off & the rest is history...

Here's a picture of us before winter formal. He couldn't wear a beanie with a suit LOL
(He cut his hair pretty soon after)

Here is another picture of us from high school. We look so young!

Here's our senior prom:


I'd love to hear your stories too!! How did you met your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, best friend or pet???


  1. Awww... you guys are high school sweet hearts!! That's freaking adorable. :) One day (maybe I'll steal your idea for our three year anniversary next month) I'll tell the story of Sean and I and our unique relationship and beginning. I love reading about your life and getting to know you!

    PS Did you want that yarn? No hurry, if you don't I'll stick it in the box under my bed to store until someone does!

  2. Such a sweet story. I don't have one to share, but I enjoyed reading yours. May you both be grant many years of happiness! :-D

  3. Ash - i love your story! i loved hearing it at lunch the other day too. i love his "hairover" (makeover but just hair). much more flattering!!

  4. At first I met my boyfriend in high school. But the sad part was that I disliked him. He seemed like one of those people who you would look at, and know that you two would never get along. Couple years passed, and we met up AGAIN. We started talking, and found out that we had/have so much in common.............. We still don't get along. But we are making it work. ----2 years this summer.

  5. congratulations on the 2 year mark Marcine. Thanks for sharing your story =D