Monday, July 20, 2009


I've been paired up with a knitting partner for a silly hat swap! I really like the hat I made for her, its a kitty cat hat! I had fun taking pictures in it too:

I've also finished another lover's knot shawl, just haven't gotten around to taking good pictures of it.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am also in a block exchange. The color scheme that I got placed in is for neutrals; brown, tan, beige etc. This is my first of 12 blocks:

Crochet to do list:
  1. black flower slouch hat for Sophie by Wednesday
  2. mail out Cat Hat to swap partner
  3. Make & mail Red Twilight hat for Brie
  4. Make & mail travelling scarf seed by Friday (remind me again why I signed up for 3 of these??)
  5. Make & mail slouch hat to other swap partner by end of the month
  6. 3- 12x12 afphan squares made & mailed out by the end of the month (1 down 2 to go!)
  7. Buy & mail yarn & chocolate for Ale's exchange by the end of the month
I think that's it... for now!


  1. Girl, you've got your hands full! I love the kitty cat hat!

  2. Love the kitty hat! So cute :-D
    Your to do list is even larger than mine. Good luck and work hard!

  3. you should put some kitty cat hats in your etsy shop, it's too darn cute!

    You have lots to do, you go girl!