Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekend in Cambria

Hi all! I'm finally getting around to posting about last weekend. As you know, it was our 2 year anniversary and we decided to spend a night up in Cambria to celebrate. We found this awesome dog friendly hotel/inn right on Moonstone beach and then planned our trip around that. Its approximately a 3 1/2 hour drive north of where we live, and since it was coastal, it was a heck of a lot cooler! It was nice to escape the 100+ heat.
So on our way up we took a small detour into the Santa Ynez valley to do some wine tasting! It was a really pretty drive through the hills and passed lake Cachuma. We found a couple wineries that were okay with us bringing Izzie inside with us, which was great because it was even hotter there than at home! We tasted some delicious wine (and bought some of course), then ate at a cute sandwich shop in Los Olivios called Panino. Izzie was definitely the center of attention everywhere we went =D
(as you can see, she really liked to cuddle with the trader Joe's snack bag)
After lunch Izzie and I both slept the rest of the way to the hotel. The heat and the wine hit me. Once we got there, we fell in love with the beautiful scenery and the cute little town. We took a walk along the beach boardwalk before going to dinner.

That night we had the most amazing dinner. It was at an Asian bistro called Wild Ginger, the owner is originally from Singapore. We got/ate so much food and everything was absolutely delicious! I wish I had taken pictures of the food, but we were too busy devouring it! We started of with salmon and cream cheese wontons with a sweet dipping sauce, then had a flaky chicken curry pastry (in filo dough), and then came the best soup we have ever had! This soup had a lemon grass & coconut milk broth but wasn't thick, it was spicy with a bit of curry and had mushrooms, chicken and cilantro in it. I cannot even begin to describe to you how amazing this soup was! We were basically licking the bowl =-) The soup was followed by our main courses. I had a Thai seafood bouillabaisse -yum! And Brandon had roasted duck with a pomegranate sauce. We were so stuffed, yet somehow found room for dessert! We had a fresh blood orange sorbet and a chocolate bread pudding (tasted like those rich chocolates in the gold wrappers). Needless to say, we really enjoyed our dinner!

The next day we had a breakfast basket of fruit, muffins and juice delivered to our door. After we ate we fell back asleep for 2 more hours - it was wonderful! (neither of us are morning people). We then left the hotel and walked around town for a bit. We stopped at a craft fair where I analysed all the crochet items, and then I purchased a super cute hair thingy :

We stopped at a local pizzeria for lunch and then hit the road.
On our way back we stopped at another small surfer town to walk on the beach and stretch our legs.

By the time we drove down to Santa Barbara, we were in bumper to bumper traffic. This set us back over an hour and a half! Gotta love driving in CA!

It was a great anniversary trip & the drive was definitely half the fun!
Hope you all are having a great week.


  1. I love your hair thing! It's gorgeous.

    Oh and I forgot to tell you but I sent you some yarn yesterday. :)

  2. There is a Wild Ginger here in Seattle!!
    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, my wedding anniversary is in the month - I'm looking forward to that!
    Love the hair thingy, so cute!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Izzie is too cute! And I love the cute hair thingy you bought.


  4. I was just checking on how your workout plan was going and saw you had posted a new post. Today I go in for workout #3.

    Sounds like you had a great time and oh the food sounded soooo yummy. Love the hair thingy too; love that shade of green. :-D