Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to Come Clean

Brandon and I are coming up to our two year anniversary this month on the 17th! We got married 7/17/07. For those of you reading this and thinking to yourself... gosh... I thought their wedding was just LAST summer, it's time for me to be honest with you. We had 2 weddings.

2 years ago we were getting ready to move to Tucson for school (where we only lasted for a semester). We felt it was important to be married before living together sooo... we just did it! Honestly, it was the best! Looking back I'm not sure why we tried to keep it a secret. Mainly, we didn't want friends and family to think that our big wedding was any less special. We didn't want any reactions like: "but they're already married" or "this means nothing, its just a party" nor did we want to explain our decision, so, we kept it on the DL. Trust me, it was really hard to do, especially once we moved back home to Simi Valley. In retrospect, keeping it a secret was silly and we should've just been honest. But hey, can't change the past =-P

Now, coming up to our two year anniversary, and inspired by ThisYoungHouse, I'm going to have a few posts reminiscing on these events, starting from how we met. Hope you enjoy them!


  1. Lol, you guys crack me up. Both weddings are special in their own way :)


  2. Ashley,
    You guys rock. Jeff and I considered eloping before he left for Officer Training. :0) You two are brave and I think you'll be rewarded for doing it His way... :0)

    All the best,,,

  3. So, do you get to celebrate two anniversaries? :-)

    p.s. Most of my international friends who reside in the U.S. or U.S. friends who married abroad have two and sometimes three weddings. I say "Happy Anniversary" one time and let it count for all of the dates. lol

  4. hah thanks guys =-)

    Libby, we actually had the weddings with only 1 day in between. One was the 17th and one was the 19th. We only celebrate once though, usually the first one.

  5. For years I've been wanting a secret wedding too, I don't like parties! But who knows what will happen in the future :-)