Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yes, I can!

I have been very motivated this week to get in shape! I started going to the gym a few weeks ago, but got off track pretty quickly. I'm hoping that if I write about it, I'll be more apt to holding myself to it. Lets recap this weeks activities:
  • Monday - Zumba!! This class was totally fun! Its a salsa inspired exercise class that is very dance based = right up my alley! They turn the lights off and turn on the disco balls! (It was also equally entertaining watching the women with 2 left feet =-P )
  • Tuesday - Kristen and I did weights & abs at the gym but we were exhausted after 5 minutes on the elliptical (we usually do at least 15 but our quads were sore from Zumba). After dinner I went for a walk with my mom and our dogs for almost 2 hours! I am so thrilled that our dogs get along (German Shepherd & a Pug). They're so funny to watch walk together because of their size difference. Izzie is like the energizer bunny, she never stops! Tilly had a hard time keeping up.
  • Wednesday - Cardio Kickboxing BOOT CAMP! Holy cow! I don't remember the last time I was this sore! I thought it was just a regular kickboxing class (as it showed on the web site's schedule) but it was a boot camp! Kristen was overwhelmed after 20 minutes and felt as if she was going to pass out. I stayed and pushed my way through it, barely making it out walking. I actually really liked working on the punching bags - its a great workout. I may need to get in better shape before I try this class again though. Afterwards I went on a quick 15 minute walk with my mom and the dogs again and then relaxed in the (well deserved) spa!
  • Tonight - another long walk with the dogs.
In addition to workouts I'm trying to eat healthier. Keyword = trying. I am not one for diets, I enjoy food WAY too much which is why I'd rather work out harder to compensate. I am really pushing myself to like vegetables (I'm more of a fruit kinda gal). But let me tell you, when I got home from that boot camp class last night, the fresh peach pie in the fridge was calling my name! And it was delicious!

Now I don't have a huge & impossible goal because I don't think I have a ton of weight to lose. I just don't feel like myself. I really haven't done a whole lot since I sprained my ankle last September. This is the longest I've gone without dancing! (I have enrolled for Ballet in the fall and I cannot wait!) I just want to tone up, feel healthier and be more active. Totally attainable and I will do it!

News on the crafting front: I haven't had time! There are only so many free hours after work. Yesterday, with the help of CT (over google chat) I figured out the lover's knot aka Solomon's knot stitch! Thanks for your help! I'm working on a shawl (yes, I jumped on the bandwagon) but I don't care for the yarn very much. But hey - it's good practice right? Still waiting for my online yarn order to arrive in the mail so I can start my squares for the block exchange.

Have a great day!


  1. Ok, so maybe we can keep each other encouraged. I'm doing the same thing on my other blog. Last year I started jogging and fell off the wagon when it got cold. I want to feel better to so that's why I rejoined the gym (I just haven't blogged about it yet). The eating better kick is ongoing. That's one of the reasons I blog so much about food/recipes and such. :-)

  2. ok, i'm so annoyed! i've been trying to leave comments and my IE 8.0 keeps freaking out. I LOVE THIS! I've fallen off the wagon. We should help keep each other on check. :D

  3. I can always use the extra encouragement too! It's so easy to get caught up in other things or find excuses not to workout.