Friday, July 31, 2009


Here's a quick recap of the fun things from this week...

On Tuesday night I got home from work, made dinner and then got the dog ready to go for a walk. We stepped out the front door and there was the Travelling Tea Box!!!! I was so excited that I shouted to my husband to come and see. My poor pup had to wait as I went through the entire box (wait until I got back from the walk? ya right!). Here are the goodies that I took out:
I replaced them with earings, dishcloth, 3 flower scrubbies, flower photo frame, and a ton of tea! This was so much fun!

Yesterday, I finished this hat for a slouchy hat swap. I LOVE how it turned out & can't wait to make one for myself!

I also finished another square for my block exchange:

At lunch today I am going to the post office to mail of a ton of things: slouch hat, 2 travelling scarves, 2 (maybe 3 if I get this one done in time) blocks, and the travelling tea box. The yarn for Ale's swap got mailed out to the UK on Monday - hopefully she gets it soon!

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Hooking!


  1. You're always busy, girl! I like that tea box on the left and... what do I see? Pommegranate tea?! Yummy!!

  2. all of that tea - yummmm!!!
    you sure keep yourself busy with fun stuff!

  3. Wow! It all looks so yummy. So how does the Traveling Tea Box work?

    * In response to the workout routine this week: I only went one time. I was out of town for three days, I went to the gym on yesterday, and today I've been pooped and we keep having these bad storms. Next week I should be back on track. Thanks for checking in. :-)

  4. A travelling tea box is a nice idea. I can't think of being without tea every couple of hours. I am a crazy addict of tea. And is that pomegranate tea?