Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recent Fun

A few weeks back my dad went to Montreal to visit his family. While up there his mom gave him a huge blanket that she crocheted to give to me. She is so thrilled that I have taken up a hobby/craft that she enjoyed for many years. She can no longer crochet or knit so she also gave me all her old hooks and needles! Now I have no excuse for not trying to knit!
Isn't it beautiful? It could fit a king size bed! She obviously used a really small gauge hook so it must have taken her forever to make this blanket! I will certainly cherish it! Here are a few more detailed pictures:

This week I also received an awesome package from Brie. Look at how she spoils me with yummy yarn!!
I'm thinking that the multicolored wool wants to be a felted purse, and the green yarn will be used for my last travelling scarf seed. Not sure about the rest though. I am making her a red Twilight hat in return - almost done!

Today I received 2 travelling scarves in the mail. Its part of a freestyle knit and crochet group, but for some reason both are requesting specific knit patterns! (kinda bugs me since its supposed to be freestyle & crochet too!)

For one of them I had known in advance that she was doing a knit pattern and we had agreed that I would crochet a border on it once it was complete, so I was surprised when I received her starter seed. I took a look at the pattern and decided - I'm going to give it a shot! Thanks to my Nonna's needles and youtube I am now knitting the "scrunchable stitch!" Can you believe it? It doesn't look half bad!
Now the other one is requesting a chevron/ripple stitch, I don't know about that...

I also started this cute caplet sweater about a month ago but haven't gotten around to taking a picture of it yet:

So many projects, so little time...


  1. that's very neat!
    I have the hooks and needles that were my mom's and I appreciate them very much.
    oooh, you're so spolied, what a great selection of yarn!

  2. What a great gift from your grandmother! I also use small gauge hooks for my projects (and that's why it takes me years to finish them!).
    Sorry I can't help you with the knitting ripples she requested, I'm not that skilled :-(

  3. You have such a great yarn stash. And your grandma's quilt is fantastic. I know it did her heart good to be able to pass down those hooks and needles to someone who would appreciate them!

    Best of luck to you on the knitting. What you've done is looking good. Now you will no longer have "knit envy". Good job!