Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Award!

Thank you Lilani for the special blog award! I would give it right back to you if I could!!

I will celebrate with a cocktail or wine after ballet tonight!

Now to award my 5 (who should post this award to their blog and award another 5 bloggers). This is in no particular order.
1. Chelsea at I'm sure she won't see this award, but Iseriously love reading her blogs! They're really quirky and hilarious.
2. Brie at for Sunday Loves, and her beautiful knits & fiber work
3. Alessandra at for her wonderful crochet designs
4. CT at because I love taking a look into her life in Mexico filled with crochet and adorable daughters.
5. Libby at for her great fusion of photography and crochet

ladies - I love reading and getting inspired by all your crafty blogs. Keep it up!


  1. thank you so much for the award Ashley!!

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  3. Thank you, Ashley! I am always inspired by your blog too. Ever since I saw that Floral Slouch hat on your Ravelry page, I just knew we would get along. :-D

    Happy Crocheting!