Friday, August 28, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

As I stepped outside at 7:45 this morning to head into work, the air felt heavy, hot, and thick with a strong smell of smoke. It's officially fire season! Ugh - I'm so over this heat! Another 100 degree day!

I went to see Green Day on Tuesday night at the LA Forum - awesome show!! They played a 3 hour set! It was the last performance on their tour and it was a sold out show. There was only about 5 songs I didn't know (off their new album) and the rest was the old stuff that I know and love! Love Dookie & Nimrod. Billie Joe is such a great performer and would pull people up on stage throughout the whole set. One guy go to play Billie's guitar for a full song and another got to sing "She". Both followed by a stage dive! Probably the best night those guys' lives, I'm sure! Kristen and I had sooo much fun, as shown by the bruises on our legs from dancing the night away (and banging out knees on the chairs in from of us - ouch!). It was a great night - followed by a much needed day off work.

I've been working on more 12x12 squares for my block exchange. Here are the one's I've made recently:

I've received some really nice squares & I can't wait to put together the finished blanket!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Hi Ash! You're necklace has made 2 appearances, one on my flickr & one on my blog & i've received dozens of compliments. :D

  2. Nice squares, the second one looks esp. difficult!
    News about fire in California have arrived here too. Hope you're safe!

  3. I love the old Green Day. :) That's awesome that you got the chance to go there.