Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Own Creation!

This is the first hat that I completely improvised! It's done with a combination of puff stitches and hdc. Whatcha think?

I've also made a couple more granny squares for the block exchange:

Hope you all are having a great weekend. I go back to school tomorrow... how lame is that?? lol I feel like the summer flew by! I won't have as much craft time since I'll be taking night classes. =( On the plus side, I'll be dancing again!


  1. I think your hat looks great! The combination of stitches and dark & light colours is really nice. Are you thinking of sharing/etsy-ing the pattern? ;-)

    Good luck on your way back to normal life (aka school)!

  2. Oh they're so sweet! I tried to knit in the round and just could not make it work. I think I need an intervention- want to come to Canada? =)

  3. Writing it would be lovely, you know :-D

  4. The hat looks great. I especially love that aerial view. Those puffs looks great! My summer's over too. I went back to work today. Enjoy school! (and let's both try hard to stay on our fitness plans. i've already goofed up some.)