Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun Things

At the end of last month I decided to treat myself to a Little Black Box. I finally got it in the mail last weekend! It was so much fun to open and see all the fun goodies. They're all sample pieces from different etsy stores. My favorites were the doggie treats, handmade soaps, jeweled bookmark, and gift tags. Here's a picture of all my treasures:

On Monday I was so excited to receive my slouch hat in the mail from a hat swap!! It was perfect because she knits and I crochet, so we we're able to receive a hat that we couldn't make ourselves. Here's what she made for me, she called it the SoCal Slouch =-D

Also, our catcus flower has blossomed! It's our little taste of Tucson to remember our short stay in AZ.

Here's some of the headbands I've made lately, I love the colors!

Time to start dinner!


  1. You've been missing a little while, but I knew you had to be crafting. The headbands are super cute and so is the slouch hat. I love it! The Little Black Box is amazing too. You find the neatest things! Enjoy. :-)

  2. i love your cactus cute!!

  3. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!

    I love your headbands - so cute! I'm especially in love with the yellow one :) x