Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday!

For some reason, this week has felt so incredibly long! But it's finally Friday! yay! I'm looking forward lots of craft time this weekend =D Here's what I've been up to:

I received an amazing angel package from Cadilily on Rav. I had a flake of a swap partner in June & Cadi volunteered to send me an angel package. It was so fun to open since she wrapped everything individually with tissue and ribbon! (note to self: do that with my next swap package.) Here's a picture of the awesome goodies:
(click picture to enlarge)
The purple yarn is silk which I've never worked with before! The forest green is hand dyed wool & the other green is hand spun. She included lots of other fun goodies such as chai tea (my fav) a ceramic handmade button, a "love" tile, candle and gummy candies. A big "Thank you!" goes out to her!

I recently found out that a family member will be getting married in January up in Washington State! My dorky self thought... hmm... it will be cold there in January (more so than here in SoCal) which means I will need a warm and cozy hat to match my cabled cowl! So that is exactly what I made! I decided on a cloche style so that It wouldn't completely flatten my curls like a beanie would but would still keep my head nice and toasty! I really like the textured stitches and how its somewhat vintage/retro style. I'm considering weaving a brown or black ribbon instead of the long chain. Any thoughts?
Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I haven't had a chance to pose it on the mannequin head:

Last night I started working on these babies using the rose pink cotton yarn I received from my swap partner Debbie!

1 down - 1 more to go! Hoping I don't run out of yarn, but I'm pretty sure they carry it at my LYS if I need more. With these gloves, I'm brainstorming about weaving an cream colored ribbon either at the bend of the wrist of at the base of the glove, just to give it a more feminine and dainty look. Not sure though - it might take away from the stitch pattern. What do you think?

Have a great day & wonderful weekend all!


  1. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the lil' package. The gloves are awesome. Sometimes I think I should enter the world of crocheting a bit more. I do know how to, but I just don't. Well, I think I don't because I can't really read a pattern. - Something else to add to the "to do" list. :-) As for the hat, I like the idea of a ribbon. You could probably play around with different ideas & see what you like.

  2. I'm so glad someone stepped up to be your angel... You deserve it!

    And damn woman, you are so QUICK with your projects! :)

  3. I like the gloves as they are, without ribbons. The stitch itself is very pretty. And I'll add a satin ribbon to the hat, a colour that matches the dress or suit you're going to wear to the wedding to make it more formal.
    Just my opinion. ;-)
    By the way, you got great stuff from that swap!!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions!

    Alhana - I wasn't planning to wear it to the actual wedding ceremony, it would be for when we do touristy things in the town, or whenever we're outside. To wear with my peacoat =D I do like the idea of the satin ribbon though - would be a nice addition.

    Bria- I'm a machine! =P All day I think about and plan out what I am going to make and then work on it when I get home. Such a nerd.

    Cadi - Give it a shot! Youtube videos helped me a lot when I learned.

  5. You really are quick. I am impressed. I love that hat. It's so beautiful. :)

  6. Ashley! Stinkin cute stuff girlie!! I love them!! The hat especially! :) I already have a few things I want to order. hehe

  7. Ashley, you got some great stuff in the swap!!! I can't wait to hear how the silk yarn is and I love that dark green yarn. :-)

    You are definitely rocking the hat and I love it the way it is (if you're going for a casual look), but I like the idea of the ribbon in a contrasting color to jazz it up a bit. What color is the peacoat? Maybe you could match it with the coat color or button color if the coat is the same color as your hat.

  8. Love love love the fingerless glove!!!

    I swear I didnt mean for that to rhyme.. but really, awesome work!